There is nothing as wonderful as hitting the open road with your family. Some of the best bonding experiences were inside your RV. The bickering of siblings, the board games, the jokes, the snacks among other things. You have grown very attached to your recreational vehicle.

Unfortunately, your RV is not immune to wear and tear and as time passes, you will need to make some improvements here and there. So how do you know that it is time for an RV upgrade?

First and foremost, your family is grown and you need to ensure that your camper can accommodate this growth. You do not want them to be cramped for space. If you have been spending more money than you’d like on repairs, then you might as well just get a new camper. If fuel efficiency is something that matters to you then invest in modern RVs. Lastly, ensure that your RV is safe and comfortable for your family. You may have made precious memories in the old camper but if the signs show, it may be better to get a new one and make new memories.

Popular RV Upgrades In 2020

The more you travel in your RV, the more your eyes will be opened. You will start noticing what needs to be changed or improved. The changes could be simple or complicated. So what are some of the popular changes that people are making when it comes to campers?Well, here we go.

High-quality tires

The problem with most RV manufacturers is that they always come with the lowest grade tires installed for the base weight. They do this to save money and maximize profit, but when you add more weight into your camper for instance clothes, appliances, and other accessories, those tires are no longer good enough. These tires will blow out when you increase your speed and they will not just go flat. They will actually be blown into smaller pieces. This is an ugly scenario. Good thing is that it can be avoided rather simply.

Storage bay locks

Did you know that most locks on RV storage units are very similar? This means that your storage bay lock can be opened by other RV owners using the exact same key. Most campers store their valuables in the under-coach storage. Be wise, change the locks and keep your precious items safe.

Solar power

Be green-minded and opt for alternative energy. You need all the energy you can get and solar is available in plenty. Advanced technology has made this energy alternative more popular and affordable. Today more than ever, RV owners are installing solar systems because you just never know how much of it will be needed.

On-demand hot water

Now, this is one of the main reasons you should install solar power in your camper. There is no need to carry a water tank dedicated to hot water. This will reduce the weight on your wheels and there will be less use of propane and electricity for maintaining water temperatures.

A new mattress

It’s a true fact that most RV owners have the best accessories minus a good sleeping mattress. You need to enjoy your sleep on the road especially if you are the one driving. RV mattresses are not your typical standard mattress but you can buy mattresses that are RV friendly. These are normally short in size and lightweight.

LED lighting

LED lights can save you a lot of power. They also improve visibility inside and outside of the camper, plus they last longer than other bulb types. These lights make your interior look lovely and are just the right setting for those quiet warm family evenings.

Surge protectors

You need to protect your investment. All electronics in your RV are susceptible to frying. This is why you need a power surge protector to monitor the incoming voltage. It is much cheaper to buy a surge protector that having to replace your expensive electronics

A ceramic toilet

A ceramic toilet is not a luxury, it is an upgrade related to hygiene. Ceramic toilets are easier to keep clean. You can actually replace your bathroom sink as well, to the same improved material. Cheap plastic sinks and toilets degrade quickly and you do know what happens when plastic heats up. The stench is unbearable.

Get rid of the onboard RV propane tank

You do not want to be out of fuel and still have to look for stations where manual filling is allowed. Most places do not allow using their equipment to fill your rig. That is why you need to buy portable tanks. You can remove the manufacturer’s holding tank for propane and replace it with an access area. This allows you to rotate the tanks and never having to worry about whether or not the filling station has the correct fitting. You will also save some money since you fill the tanks by weight.

Wireless backup camera

This upgrade is essential and comes in handy when on the road. You need to be aware of who is behind you. The blind spots where your mirrors cannot reach are well covered with this. New RV models come with this feature installed but if you don’t have one you better upgrade.

Extra waste valve

All RV waste valves close the waste valve carefully and tightly after dumping. This does not mean that things are perfect. There are cases where the valve does not seal completely and what happens next time you open the valve is nasty water flowing out. To avoid this nasty situation, invest in an extra waste valve.

Multi-use furniture

Space is limited in an RV but you have to be smart about how you maximize what is available. Have a dual-purpose dinner table that can be converted into a bench or something of the sort. Get a bed that can be folded into a chest. Go for smart furniture and your RV space will be just fine.

Hidden garbage can

As long as you are cooking in your camper, garbage will be made available but that does not mean that you see it or let the RV be filled with its odor. Invest in a hidden cabinet garbage can. A simple model should do and it frees up that precious floor space.

Chalkboard fridge door

This is a fun upgrade for families that have small children. Instead of fighting with them over coloring on the walls, now they can have all the fun they want on the fridge door. You can also use this board to leave notes.


The right RV upgrades make your camper come to life. You get to enjoy your traveling experience. It makes the RV life merrier and easier. Most importantly the memories and the energy make it all worth doing again and again.

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