Does your RV look aged? Or have you bought a used RV but want to renovate it? Remodeling your RV can be a challenging task, but putting your creativity to use makes it a lot of fun. You can even build an RV from scratch. However, if you are not ready to start from scratch, it is surprising how minor improvements to the RV can make it cozier and more functional.

The RVing lifestyle is the current trend. Everyone looks forward to remodeling and updating their RV’s to make a home on wheels. People enjoy the freedom and adventure it brings. Also, it captures the attention of many as it allows people to escape the traditional lifestyle to a traveling home vacation.

At KES, we understand that not everyone has the gift of DIY renovation. Besides, everyone has a different transformation goal. Some may want a total overhaul while some are looking to do a few minor touches. You may also have a limited remodeling budget to keep in mind.

If the remodeling cost is a source of concern, there are so many renovations you can do at an
affordable price. Below is a list of some easy and affordable RV remodeling ideas that you can employ to improve yours today. It also includes the skills required to make your DIY RV projects appear professionally done.

RV Remodeling Ideas

1. Replace the Flooring

Like everything in life, remodeling your RV should start from the ground up. If your floor looks messy, none of your face-lifting efforts will make it shine. It doesn’t matter how much money or effort you will invest, it just won’t make the RV stand out.

Replacing the floor can be a huge task, but it will ultimately improve your space’s appearance. Most RVs have a carpet. However, replacing it with a wood-look floor will give it a more modern appearance. Real hardwood flooring creates a beautiful appearance but is often too bulky for RVs. In place of the hardwood, you can use laminate floors, which are not only affordable, but also appealing to the eye.

The is very intricate as you will have to Tear up the carpet and remove tons of staples. Not to
mention improving your kitchen or bathroom tiles and layering your new flooring. If you are not ready, you can seek professional help. However, if you are working under a tight budget, you can learn how with a little research.

2. Upholstering the Windows

The primary reason for your RVing lifestyle is to see the world, right? Then your windows should feature among the top in the renovation steps. In case you have plastic windows, you will need to scratch them a bit to make them ready for replacement. You will also need to clean up your windows and replace the broken ones.

Are the blinds in good condition? Great, you will only need to pull the fabric on the valance down and replace them. However, this is a piece of cake as you just need to unscrew the attachment to the ceiling and walls.

You can also choose to get rid of the valance and have curtains instead. You should ensure the curtain rods are as close to the RV ceiling as possible. That way, you will achieve an illusion that makes the roof look higher than it is. You should also opt for light colors as they will make your space appear fresher and more open.

3. Replace the Furniture

The appearance of your RV’s furniture depends on its age. Some furniture may have ugly floral or tropical prints. You can consider hiding the prints and patterns using a sofa cover. However, if they are torn, faded, or stained, then the only option is getting new ones. When choosing, go for straightforward options that will ensure your space looks modern.

You can also replace the futons of your couch. When choosing your sofa, ensure it is light and is fit for small spaces. Improving your furniture will make your RVs feel more personalized.

4. Paint

Painting your interior can also prove to be a daunting task. It may even take you an entire week to do every inch of your RV. It will, however, improve your interior renovation. The RV will look brighter and modern. Before undertaking the task, you should decide if you are going to paint the walls only or both the walls and the cabinets. You should consider painting it white as it will make the small RV space seem bigger.

You should start by doing a light sanding on every surface before going in to paint. That is because the RV cabinet surface and wallpaper have a laminate-type of material. It prevents proper paint adherence.

You can then proceed to paint with a primer and then top it with your final layer of paint.

5. Add Details All-over the place

Even if you are camping most of the trip, the four walls of your RV will surround you every time you are relaxing after a long adventurous day. Changing the tiny details in your RV will make a huge difference. In case the walls look dull, you can redo an interior paneling or replace the wallpaper.
For instance, you can replace the handle of your drawer or cabinet. Aside from their storage role, your kitchen wins the most prominent view in your interior. Thus, it feels drab; you should consider upgrading it. That way, they will feel shinier and fresh. The most obvious move would be adding a new coat of paint.

You can also improve the interior of your moving vehicle by changing the light switch cover or a faucet. Also, changing the light fixtures will do a lot in showcasing your personality. You can proceed to install that TV. You can put up an outdoor entertainment system. The modern RVs incorporate the term to mean TV included; however, it doesn’t imply that you have to. Your outdoor entertainment system could even be a portable grill, or it could be a built-in bar. Since your whole idea was to stay outdoors, the more renovation entertainment inclusion, the better.

6. Install a Backsplash

A backsplash is affordable and easy to install, yet they give your kitchen and bathroom a more fancy look. It is simple to clean them just like regular tiles. Experts highly discourage the use of traditional ceramic backsplashes in an RV. Thus, you can only use the peel and stick backsplash. Besides, they are more user-friendly and perfect for use in a moving vehicle. The best part is that they give your car a personalized feel. They are also easy to clean, which means that you will also be keeping kitchen stains at bay. You should ensure the backsplashes you intend to install in your kitchen are heat resistant if you will place any near the stove.

7. Upgrade the Toilet

The toilet is a vital piece of your RV equipment and should be properly functioning. Fortunately, it isn’t that expensive to have it replaced. Also, it is simple to do a DIY toilet replacement. However, you can mess it up if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. If that’s the case, you should hire RV repair professionals to get the job done for you.

8. Upgrade Your Bathroom Shower

You are probably guilty of taking your showers at the campground bathhouse. However, investing in a high-pressure showerhead have you always looking forward to shower-time. It provides you with high water pressure. You can also customize it to give you a luxurious shower experience. The best part is that it is also affordable.

9. Decorate Your RV Air too!

Due to the small size of RV homes, sometimes, they may have a less than desirable smell. Well, you can’t blame them as you are carrying your wastewater to your destinations. To improve your RV’s air condition, ensure that you always have scented candles and incense burners. They will ensure your counter tops look appealing, and the air quality improved.

If you are not for the idea of having open flames in your RV, you can go for air fresheners instead. You can also consider putting up some plants. It will surprise you how much the atmosphere and air quality in your RV improves. However, not all plants are suitable for a moving vehicle. Therefore, you should do your research and go for the plants that do better in the RV environment.

10. Decorate

Decorating is a crucial step in remodeling your RV. But you should avoid going overboard. You can hang a few lightweight pictures using some command hooks. They should be lightweight to prevent them from falling during your travels. You can also change the bedding and include throw pillows, to create a more personal environment. You can get tons of ideas on DIY decors and get creative in creating some decorations for your RV. That way, you will just need to purchase a few items such as a cutting board, rope trim, and more to get started in creating personalized décor.

Your decorations will not look up to par if your RV has your belongings cluttered all over. No matter how much you decorate your interior, disorganized belongings will give your RV a crowded and confining feel. Thus, arrange your items and keep them organized.

11. Update Your Countertops

Your RV cannot hold so many kitchen tops. Thus, renovating your kitchen-top should be easy and
affordable. You can also opt to paint them instead. There is a wide variety of kitchen-top paints to
choose from, from granite colors to concrete and everything in-between. You should ensure you tape the adjacent wall to the kitchen surface you want to paint. That way, you will prevent paint from getting where you do not intend to. You can also hire professionals to help you perfect the painting.

12. Install a Solar Panel

Have you been Googling on camper living? Then solar panels are not a new subject. Although its upfront payment may be high, they save you so much money in the long-run. Besides, they are environmentally friendly, which is an added bonus.

Traveling with your solar panel is more comfortable than carrying a generator. You will use electricity without having to tolerate smelly fumes and loud generator noise. You will also escape the hustle of regular propane fills. However, installing a solar panel isn’t about placing them on your vehicle and enjoying electricity the next minute. You will need to do your research to get it right.

Alternatively, you can hire experts to take the burden from your shoulder.

13. Paint the Exterior

Is the exterior of your RV stained? Then even the best wax and highest hose pressure will not get rid of it. It is time you took a step to repaint and gave your RV a new look. It is more than just painting it. You need to choose the best protective sealant. That way, you will protect the interior of your RV from damage from seeping water. You also get an opportunity of selecting the desired color of your rig.

Painting the exterior of your RV can be complicated, let us help you with that unless you understand completely about painting aluminum and fiberglass.

14. Improve Your Awning

It is quite easy to consider skipping the awning because it stays rolled up most of the time. However, it is vital piece of equipment in your RV. It ensures your RVs interior remains cool as it blocks the sun and increases the RV space by acting as a shaded patio. Thus, it is essential that you also remember to work on it when renovating your RV. Ensure it is clean and properly maintained. Consider replacing it with a fancy new model if it looks old.

15. Ensure You Have some Internet Connection

Since you are looking to spend more time outdoors and disconnected as much as possible, today, that is quite impossible. Your campground may promise you free Wi-Fi. However, this may not be reliable as often its bandwidth may not be sufficient for all campers. Thus, you will experience lags or unusable connections. You can install pieces of techie gear, which will improve the Wi-Fi signals regardless of where you are in the world.


There are so many remodeling strategies. The best part is that they are all DIY friendly. You can also efficiently complete even big tasks like doing the floor, thanks to YouTube. Besides, you can choose to employ the services of professionals where you get stuck. The project is all about hard work, but the reward is very appealing.

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