That time of the year is approaching fast. It’s time to start planning how you are going to spend a good portion of it. It’s that time of year where the weather is favorable, and thus you don’t have to be cooped up in the house, just waiting for the cold to dissipate. It’s time to burst out of your winter cocoon, and let your love of the outdoors flourish.

And no, going outdoors doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice on your living standards, and that means you, of course, got yourself an RV. Here is a beautiful piece of machinery that will give you a feeling of home, while you are away from home. But have you been checking up on how mechanically sound it is?

You don’t want to head out into the camping site and run into trouble and that’s why you should always maintain your RV. Here are the most common RV maintenance services.

Electrical System Maintenance

Getting away from the city for some time with nature is always a hallowed time. But even while having the time of your life, you will still need some electricity to help see you through the day. Good thing is your RV was built with this in mind and has all the necessary equipment to help you.

But it’s the system that supplies electricity that will have you groping around for a torch when your lights go out. Before heading out to the campsite, you will need to do a thorough check of your electrical system. This will help you determine whether there are faults that need to be corrected before you head out.

Propane System Maintenance

While you are out there, wherever you choose it to be; either desert or forest, you know you will have to get some nutrition in you. Getting up in the morning to fry some bacon sounds lovely, but it would be absolutely hazardous to do so without first checking that your system is functioning properly.

If your RV has a propane system installed, then you definitely have to test it out before heading out. The propane sensor is usually located on the floor of the vehicle. This is because propane is heavier than air, and will fall towards the bottom whenever there is a leak.

The first thing to do is check if it’s powered by using the included test feature. If not working, then you might want to visit an RV service center to get the problem sorted. If it is working, then it’s time to test for a leak.

What you will need to do is turn the propane valves open. You will need to leave it in this position for about two hours. If there is a leak, then the sensor will pick it up, and you’ll still have to visit an RV service center.

Tire and Brake Maintenance

Here are two sets of things that ensure you get from your winter cocoon, all the way to the hideaway you’ve been planning for quite some time. Whenever they are in excellent condition, they can ferry you, your family and equipment to the campsite. If they’re not working, that can be terrible to you.

If you don’t want to start your day in the woods with a terrible scowl on your face, check the health of your tires and breaks. He first thing you want to do is check if the tires are worn by more than 50 percent. If so, you have a change coming up soon.

The location of the wear is also an indicator of the health of your suspension system. Your service center will advise you on things such as negative and positive camber. You would also need to check on the tire pressure, just to make sure they are up to the standard that the manufacturer had set.

The other part of this dynamic duo is the brakes. As such as your wheels will help you get from point A to B, it is the brakes that will determine whether you will get there safely, or even get there at all. As such, having brakes that are in excellent working condition should be a priority before you set of for some time away from home.

For this, you will first have to find out what kind of brakes your vehicle is using. Most vehicle use brake pads to slow the vehicle down to a halt. If the brake pads are worn, then they need to be replaced.

One general rule about brakes is that if you are not sure about how they should look like, then teaching yourself on the spot could be a bit of a problem. It would be best to rely on the experience of a qualified mechanic to determine the extent of the problem and the way forward.

Oil and Air Filter Maintenance

You have a lovely RV with you. It’s a shame if you can’t get it up and running because of a few things that could be easily sorted. Yes, some of the simplest fixes you can make to get your engine up and running is by simply changing the oil and air filters.

For the air filter, you don’t want dust and other minute particles making it into the cylinders of your engine. The damage that will eb experienced will be catastrophic, costing you thousands of dollars to repair. Here is a simple way to keep such problems away. Simply change your air filter.

In the same vain, your engine is full of moving parts, that’s where engine oil comes in. As these parts move, they rub against each other. If no oil is present, the heat generated will be dangerous to the engine components and will likely cause the engine to seize up.

The oil works in two ways. The first is to lubricate your engine parts to keep them working smoothly. The second is to draw heat away from the engine and keep it operating under optimum temperatures. As the oil is exposed to high temperatures, it breaks down and loses its ability to do what its supposed to do.

This is why apart from a change of filter, it is also recommended that you change the oil as well.

If you need help with any of your RV maintenance services, you’re in the right place! Request service now.


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