In today’s modern age, various brands, agencies and businesses are constantly figuring out ways to streamline their service delivery to customers to ensure an improved overall customer experience. Inline with this aim, most service providers focus a significant portion of their marketing tactics on techniques to ease stress, save time and ensure convenience during repairs or service delivery.

It is in our human nature to locate a service repair center once our valuable equipment, gadget or device which we need to use so urgently becomes faulty or breaks down. But this may not always be the case due to several precipitating circumstances that may hinder our movements or mobility at the point in time such as a tight schedule, terrible weather, fatigue, stress or bad health. 

Over the years, individual service providers that play a critical role in the consumer chain or market have invested considerable time, effort and resources into developing innovative and thoughtful consumer based ideas on how to make all turnkey solutions available at the customers doors with the snap of a finger.

Recreational vehicle or RV repair services help to provide maintenance, restoration, refurbishment and/or replacement solutions carried out by an insured team of experienced experts. On call or on-site mobile repair services fall under this category and the repairs of recreational vehicles on site is a typical example of such service trends aimed at simplifying and satisfying the repair, maintenance, service, restoration or replacement needs of recreational vehicle or RV owners whatever their requests may be.

Dozens of recreational vehicle repair agencies provide on-site recreational vehicle repair services which locate the customers wherever they may be and deliver efficient, cost effective and quality repairs on their recreational vehicle. There are many benefits attributed to the use of on-site RV repair services, some of which include:

On-site RV repairs are convenient

On-site RV repair provides convenience especially to individuals who use their recreational vehicles as a temporary living residence. With on-site RV repairs, the mobile repair service provider locates you wherever your RV is camped or parked and make the necessary repairs on site meaning you do not have to bother with making any backup accommodation plan when vital components, important equipment or other functioning part of your RV gets damaged, breaks down or becomes faulty. With RV shops however, your vehicle may have to be brought in to the repair center and left there for several weeks before they return it back to you for use. This scenario will be of extreme inconvenience to you if you live in your RV as alternative living and accommodation arrangements will have to be made until the necessary repairs are completed thus leading to increased expenses on repairs (due to hourly charge rate of most shops), feeding and hotel bills. 

On-site RV repairs are prompt and saves valuable time

Once you place a call to an on-site recreational vehicle repair agency, they ask some basic questions on your current location and information concerning the extent or level of damage to your RV, after which their mobile dispatch team sets out immediately to locate you and make necessary repairs, this makes on-site RV repairs to be prompt and save valuable time. on-site repairs help in providing prompt on-the-spot repairs without needs for hauling the entire RV to a shop as this exhausts valuable time you the owner need to allow you to proceed with your current road trip or traveling schedule.

On-site RV repairs allow for real time inspection of repairs been carried out

On-site RV repairs allow you the RV owner to personally inspect and supervise in real time the repairs been carried out on your recreational vehicle. This ensures that every single repair is done properly and according to your preferred standards for increased functionality and high performance of the entire vehicle.

On-site RV repairs are affordable

The hourly charge of an RV repair shop is significantly higher than mobile RV repair service providers as RV shops have huge overhead costs due to certain utilities, rentals and other related bills all of which plays a role in determining their per hour charges. The average industry charges for most RV repair shops is within $130 to $150 per hour. While on-site RV repair services, have little or less overhead costs to factor in or think about thus, making their hourly fees to be moderate and lesser than RV repair shops.

On-site RV repairs are fast and efficient

Because on-site RV repairs are mobile and not fixed, the service provider understands the need and urgency to carry out repairs on your RV swiftly and properly to ensure that you can still use your vehicle during that period, especially when alternative living arrangements cannot be possible.

Other benefits include:

  • On-site RV repairs are mobile and are able to get to the most remote places on time.
  • On-site RV repairs are carried out by certified technicians.
  • On-site RV repairs allow you to inspect the quality of work first hand.
  • On-site RV repairs allow you to monitor the progress of repairs.
  • On-site RV repairs helps protect against unaccountability.

For the reasons discussed in this article, Kennett Equipment Services is proud to offer on-site RV repair services big or small. Contact us today and we’ll be on our way to help in a jiffy!

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